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123 HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup

123 HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup For Windows

  • This section provides all the necessary details that a Windows user needs to connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • Before you start the HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup, know the network name and password so that they can be entered in at the time of need.
  • Using the Wireless Setup Wizard is a good way of linking and maintaining the network connection on your printer. Just enable the wireless icon by directing to the printer’s control panel.
  • Once you get the acknowledgment that the network is established, search for the correct driver and software to be installed on the Windows personal computer.
  • If you find any issues while establishing the wireless network connection, just give a call on the number prompted on the screen.

123 HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup For Mac

  • Here is a full guide so that the Mac users can utilize it to establish and maintain the wireless network connection with ease.
  • While you attempt to initiate the wireless network connection, you have to know the network name and password. Enter them, when needed.
  • Get directed to the control panel of the printer and activate the wireless icon. Utilize the Wireless Setup Wizard to start and maintain the wireless network connection.
  • Once you are clear that the network connection on your printer is established, look for the correct printer driver to be installed on the Mac computer to which the printer is linked. If you find any interruption of the signal while linking the printer to the wireless network, post your queries or give us a call.

How to connect hp deskjet 3630 printer to Wi Fi

Connect HP Deskjet 3630 to Windows Wireless

  • Now, on your Windows Device Control Panel, go to HP Deskjet 3630 printer Devices.
  • Here check if you can see your printer name under Available devices.
  • Now, select your Deskjet 3630 printer name and connect it to the Windows.
  • If you are unable to spot your printer model there, you can add it manually.

Connect HP Deskjet 3630 to MAC Wireless:

  • To connect the HP Deskjet 3630 printer to the MAC wireless, click on the Apple icon and go to Systems and Preferences.
  • Here, select the option Devices and check for your printer name under available devices.
  • Then add it to your MAC and print wireless.
  • Here, click on the “+” icon to add it manually.To connect the HP Deskjet 3630 printer to the MAC wireless, click on the Apple icon and go to Systems and Preferences.
  • Here, select the option Devices and check for your printer name under available devices.
  • Then add it to your MAC and print wireless.
  • Here, click on the “+” icon to add it manually.

    HP Deskjet 3630 Printer Driver Installation

    After the driver download, you have to install the downloaded driver to make it work with your OS. Follow the instructions given below according to your operating system. For any issues and queries, get in touch with our technical expertise.

      HP Deskjet 3630 Driver Installation For Windows

      • Confirm your printer’s connection with your computer, and make sure that both are on the same network
      • Download the Driver software from above link.
      • Once you are done with downloading 123HP Deskjet 3630 driver it will automatically Saved.
      • Now go to Use HP Download and Install Assistant (Recommended)
      • Select the option Next, and then click on Install now option to install the driver.
      • If you have a USB connection then you have to remove it for updating your network printer.
      • After remove the USB you have to search Windows for Devices and Printers
      • Click on Devices and Printers in the list of results.
      • Select the printer devices that matches with your printer model. And then remove it by selecting Remove Device
      • Now disconnect the USB cable and restart your 123HP Deskjet 3630 printer

      HP Deskjet 3630 Driver Installation For MAC

      • Check that your printer and computer both are on the same
      • Based on the Operating system Download the Driver Software
      • Click Driver, and then click Download. Once you are done with downloading the driver it will automatically saved .
      • Once the download is complete open the [ 3630 ]
      • Select the name of your printer and then continue, click Install
      • After the installation you’ll be prompted to some terms and conditions, agree to them.
      • Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation process.

        Tuesday, February 18, 2020

        HP DeskJet 3630 error 039 E1 039 message unable to print

        For ERROR ‘E1’ here is the solution

        Step 1- Restart the printer so it can clean the carriage jam error.

        Step 2- Wait until the printer is processing.

        Step 3- Now disconnect the power plug from the rear of the printer.

        Step 4- Then plug out the power plug from wall outlet.

        Step 5- Wait at least 60 seconds.

        Step 6- Now Plug-In the power plug back into the wall outlet.

        for further doubts, Visit this link

        How to Find and Rest Hp Deskjet 3630 Printer Password?

        Steps to Find HP DJ3630 Wifi Password on Windows

        1. Initially right click on the network tray icon in the windows computer.
        2. Then Open Network and Sharing Center option. Now choose Change Adapter Settings option.
        3. You have to right click on the wireless network name and click the status option. After that choose wireless properties option from the result.
        4. Then click the security tab and click Show Characters option. Now note down the network security key that is password.
        5. At the same time if you don’t find the network key or if the box is blank you can contact your Internet Service Provider to get the network key that is wifi password.

        Steps to Find HP DJ3630 Wifi Password on Mac

        1. Initially open the keychain access. For that press and hold the command and shift keys. Next open the Utilities by pressing the U key. After that press Key Chain Access. Now open Finder and click Go and click Utilities. Then click spotlight and type few letters of your key chain access. Next open launch pad and double click Key Chain Access.
        2. Once your Key chain access opened, click local items in the list.
        3. Next in the category choose Password.
        4. After that double click the wireless network name and choose show password option.
        5. You have to enter the admin password and username to give access.

        Steps to Find HP DJ3630 Wifi Password on Router

        1. To find the wifi password on the router, you can find it from the router or from the ISP called Internet Service Provider.
        2. Once you subscribe the Internet service your ISP that is Internet Service Provider gives you a network password.
        3. You can find the wifi password on the router from the paperwork of that comes with the router.
        4. The wifi password is having few other names like WEP Key, Wireless Key, Security password and WPA2 Password.
        5. Finally you can contact your Internet Service Provider for further information.

        How to Reset HP Deskjet 3630 Printer Password?

        To enable the web service or when you forget the my admin user ID and password, then try following the below to enable your web services of HP Deskjet 3630 printer from your system. Try pressing the wireless and cancel button from the printer control panel of HP Deskjet 3630. You will the network reconfigured. Now the user name will set to admin and the HP DJ3630 wifi password left blank. Once you opened the web service you can set the new password to your printer.

        Resetting Forgotten Password for Printer - Default Password

        When you forget your HP DJ3630 wifi password, you can reset your printer back to its network defaults. You can use USB cable to connect your printer to your computer using USB cable. But before that place your printer near to the router at the distance of 5 feet apart. Then disable IPV6 in your printer. And your router must have 2.4G SSID bandwidth.

        Restore HP DeskJet 3630 Printer to Factory Default Settings

        If your printer ever shows network issue or need to update to the latest network settings follow the below steps. You can perform hard reset which restore the printer to factory default settings. Once the settings restored to factory default you can enter new printer settings.

        1. Initially turn on your HP Deskjet 3630 printer. You have to press and release the power button.
        2. Wait until you see your printer gets power up. Your power button has to lit steadily and your printer must stay idle.
        3. Now press the start copy black button twice on your printer. Next press the cancel button thrice from the printer control panel.
        4. You have to wait until you see the wireless light begins to blink. Finally you get your printer with its default network settings and set new HP DJ3630 wifi password.

        Where is WPS pin on HP Deskjet 3630?

        The WPS(wifi protected setup) pin will be on the router. If your router supports WPS feature. If you don’t find the button you can find the WPS pin below the router written on the router bottom. WPS modes has two methods to connect your HP Deskjet 3630 printer to network. They are Push and PIN method.

        WPS Method to Connect your Printer to Network

        1. Initially press the WPS push button on your HP Deskjet 3630 printer.
        2. The router must have WPS button and the network must have WPA or WPA2 security.
        3. Once you press the WPS option from printer you have to press the WPS button on the router within 2 minutes.

        How to Change HP DJ3630 Wifi Password?

        You can change and create new wifi password from the Embedded Web Server(EWS). You can connect your system and mobile to your HP Deskjet 3630 Printer through wifi Direct. In the computer or mobile where you used to connect your printer, open the web browser. Then enter the IP address of the printer that you have find in the network configuration page. Make sure you have connected to the same wireless network as that of your printer. Once you see the web security certificate click continue. This opens the EWS page from you can change wifi password. Next choose Network and click wifi Direct then choose Status option. After that in the wifi direct status screen click Edit Settings option. Now click Apply. install software | Driver installation

        1. First the HP Easy Start automated installation application for HP printers. Before that make sure printer is in setup mode.
        2. Next remove any USB cable connected to the printer and the computer. Open the web browser and enter
        3. In the following install printer software page click “Download”. Now open the HP Easy Start file from downloads bar.
        4. Then the file starts extracting the HP installer starts launching. Accept the terms and conditions to start downloading the printer software.
        5. After that connect the flat end of the USB cable in your computer and the square end in the printer.
        6. The launcher searches your printer and displays the Printer found page. Click “continue”. If you don’t see your printer name in that page you can press “My Printer is not shown”.
        7. You can find your printer software and driver from Call to the HP manufacturer for quick solutions for the installation process.
        8. On clicking continue the computer introduces connection with the printer. In the Choose your software and driver page select the appropriate software package needed and click “continue”.
        9. Then read and respond to the on screen instructions to set the personal preferences and information.
        10. Lastly click finish when the setup completes. HP printer assistant installs automatically for printing and scanning process.

        Monday, February 10, 2020 – HP Deskjet 3630 Troubleshooting Guidance

        How to fix Slow Printing Issue?

        Get the Solution for how to fix hp dj3630 slow printing. To install the print driver, open the downloaded file which will be saved in the Download folder. Double click on the print driver file to install it on your Computer. If the Printer prompts to prefer a connection type during the installation process, you can choose the connection type as USB, Wireless or Wired Option depending on your connection preferences.

        Step 1:Reset the HP Deskjet 3630 Printer

        Resetting your printer can help you solve the slow printing issues.

        1. Initially, Turn ON HP Deskjet 3630 Printer, if it is not already on.
        2. Disconnect the Power Cord which is connected to the rear of the HP Printer
        3. Remove the power cord from the wall’s power outlet.
        4. Wait around 60 seconds.
        5. Turn ON the printer, if it does not automatically turn on.
        6. Wait until the printer finishes the warm-up period and let your printer sits idle and silent before you proceed the next step.
        7. If the Slow Printing issue persists again, try implementing the next step.

        Step 2:Check the print driver settings.

        The print speed may vary depending on the paper type and the print quality. Therefore, check the print driver settings to select the paper type and the print quality. Prefer printing with plain paper in normal or draft quality for quick print speeds.

        1. Type Printers in the search Windows field, and then click Devices and printers from the list of displayed results.
        2. “Double-Click” on the Printer icon.
        3. Double-click on the Set Preferences option.
        4. From the printer settings area, select plain paper as the paper type.
        5. Select Draft or Normal option in the Quality Settings area.
        6. Once you are done the print settings, click OK or Apply to confirm the modifications you have made.
        7. Finally, close the Devices and Printers window.
        8. Try printing now. If the issue still continues, proceed to the next step.

        Step 3:Uninstall the Print driver

        You can simply Uninstall the print driver using uninstall a program tool. Uninstalling the print driver lets you install the updated version of the print driver.

        1. If the printer connects to the computer using a USB cable, take away the cable from the printer.
        2. Search Windows for programs and features from the task bar, then click Programs and Features in the list of available results.
        3. The list of installed programs will be displayed as a result, click HP Deskjet 3630 printer, then click Uninstall or Yes.
        4. Continue as per the instructions on the screen to complete the software removal process.
        5. Restart your computer.

        Step 4:Reinstall the print driver.

        • Now reinstall the print driver. Go to to download and install the latest print driver for your printer.After your reinstall the print driver, try printing any document. If the slow printing issue still continues, then go to the next step.

        Step 5:Update the HP Deskjet 3630 printer firmware

        Go to our Website and download the latest version of firmware available on the website


        1. Make sure the printer is turned on and check whether your computer is connected to either USB, Wired or Wireless network.
        2. To update the printer firmware, go to our website. Update the firmware from the Software and Driver downloads and enter the printer name as HP Deskjet 3630.
        3. Click Firmware, then click Download.
        4. If the firmware update is not available on our website, then skip to the next step.
        5. Click the option Use HP Download and Install Assistant (Recommended), then click Next in the displayed window, and then click Install now.
        6. If your HP Deskjet Printer serial number is listed, select the printer serial number, and then click Update.
        7. If the serial number of HP Deskjet Printer is listed but status is not applicable (grayed out), the firmware need not be updated. Click Cancel.
        8. If your Printer serial number is not listed and your printer is using a network connection, connect a USB cable, wait for around 20 seconds, and then click Refresh.

        Step 6:Check the network status for wired and wireless connections

        If your HP printer is connected to a wired or wireless network, there are some suggestions that might resolve slow printing issues.

        1. On the Windows task bar of your Computer, check the wireless signal strength by clicking the wireless connection icon. If you see that the signal strength is low, move the router, computer, and the HP printer closer together.
        2. There should not be any downloading or streaming services on your network. Depending on your bandwidth, these activities can easily affect the print speed.
        3. If the printer is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable, ensure the cable connections are secure.
        4. To restart the router, Unplug the router, wait for around 10 seconds and plug in back again.

        123 HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup

        123 HP Deskjet 3630 Wireless Setup For Windows This section provides all the necessary details that a Windows user needs to connect ...